I can honestly say that as a child, if you would have told me I would be a teacher, I would have said, "You are a liar!" Like many children, I grew up with dreams of professional sports, running a large company, winning the lottery, or living in the outskirts of Hollywood. Even in my first two years of college, I did not see life as an elementary teacher in my future. It was not until my third year of college when I said to myself, "I cannot sit behind a desk the rest of my life pounding numbers into a computer!" I took a few education classes as many friends were enrolled in them and felt like I found my future!

Growing up in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, I was involved in sports throughout my high school experience as well as band and theater. I enjoyed school and making friends with all of those around me. As like every other person, I had my favorite subjects as well as those that I likely should have studied harder for because quite honestly - they did not come as easily to me as some others did. I particularly enjoyed social studies and studying the entire globe! I think I enjoy social studies so much because my parents took our family on many vacations when I was a child; to this day I enjoy traveling!

It was in high school where I met my someday wife!, Jessica We dated for eight years and finally the words came out of my mouth, "Will you marry me?" Thankfully she said, "Yes!" (I think it deserves and exclamation point) and in 2007 we were married. In 2011, our first and only child, Elizabeth was born. She is the joy of our life and loves to learn. As she begins preschool, we hope she always tries her best and works through challenges.

In 2005, Jessica and I moved to Las Vegas. It was there that I taught fourth grade for seven years. In 2012 we moved back to this region where I accepted a position at Franklin teaching fifth grade. I really enjoy upper elementary! Although there are days throughout the year when the stresses of education seem to become heavier than other days, I always look back on my decision to become a teacher and smile. I enjoy working with kids and families. Teaching is something that I feel I am good at and I believe that I have the ability to make learning fun and enjoyable. I make it my own personal challenge to create an environment where students are sad to leave at the end of the day. 

As the year progresses, know that I am here to challenge all students. I am here to work for YOU! We are part of a team and cooperation is the key to a successful learning experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me with concerns. 

- Mr. Nagel