Our resource for math is Everyday Math (Chicago Math). The fifth grade teams collaborates to write lessons of high rigor that align with the Minnesota Math Academic Standards. Please keep in mind that our units of study will not necessarily follow the units as they progress in Everyday Math.

Daily IXL work should be completed by all students! A SmartScore of 80 is the typical goal, however easier assignments (i.e. review) may require a SmartScore of 90 to 100. Your child will have an IXL page with all required assignments. If you are not aware of the current page, please ask me for a new copy or ask your child to look at our Google Classroom for a link.

There should be minimal, if any at all, traditional homework in math. Students will have work time in the classroom to practice skills that are currently being covered; if a child does not finish this page IT WILL BECOME HOMEWORK ! Please feel free to ask any fifth grade teacher for assistance with any IXL assignment or topic that is being covered - we understand that sometimes the way math is currently being taught in America's classrooms may be different strategies than what you or I grew up with.

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Minnesota Math Academic Standards