"I PICK" Books 
"Best Fit" Books

Your child can choose his/her "Best Fit" book by following these five steps!
  1. I look for a book.
  2. Purpose (Why am I reading this book?)
  3. Interest (Am I interested in this book?)
  4. Comprehend (Do I understand the text?)
  5. Know all the words (Can I read the words on the page with almost 95% accuracy?)
Another way to find your child's "Best Fit" book is to find your child's lexile reading score, and check out the following website for books at your child's reading ability.
You can find your child's Lexile score from the NWEA assessment. If you do not know it, ask your child's teacher or look on the NWEA printout.
Go to the site and select "Search For Books at your Lexile Level." Then, put in your child's lexile measure. Finally, click on categories of interest and click search.  Look through the titles available to your child at his/her "Best Fit" reading level.