Welcome to the World of Activity

My name is Dianne Johns and I teach K - 6th grade Physical Education.

The mission of MAPS Physical Education is to empower all students with the knowledge and skills to be confident in sustaining a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Each grade level has a theme:
K - Start Smart
1st- Movement and Me
2nd- Coordination, Cooperation and Confidence
3rd- Highway to Health
4th- Fitness Frenzy
5th- Lead, Engage, Assess, Perform
6th- BFF: Bridge to Fitness Fun

Fitness tests focusing on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength. muscular endurance and flexibility are given to all students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

I have taught Physical Education here at Franklin for 25 years. I also coach basketball and softball at Mankato West High School.

4 Daily Lessons: Play Safe - Play Fair - Play Hard - Have Fun

My school phone number is: 507-207-5140.

Contact: Dianne Johns